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Grand Tender 850

This elegant boat, faithful to the British brand’s iconic design, is the result of many years of innovation made alongside yacht captains to better address the need for simplicity of the luxury boater.

To improve security and convenience on its boats, Avon Marine has developed new connected technologies*, including a keyless smartlock that lets you start your boat with your fingerprint, smartphone or contactless card ; a virtual key system that lets you send temporary access to your boat from a distance, and Bluetooth Security bracelets for passengers that will instantly stop the engine and propeller in case of emergency. The Avon Grand Tender 850 is the first boat to benefit from these digital innovations.

Leading the boating industry in the Internet of Things (IoT) movement, the GT 850 allows its owner to track the boat’s activity online and in real time (geolocation, average speed, engine use), and receive alerts in case of an intrusion, theft hazard or unauthorized use (Geofencing).

The Avon Grand Tender 850, that is fully customizable, marks the return of the iconic brand Avon to the luxury RIB tender market.

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